Preach, Uncle Sam! [Single]

by Fluorescent Pig

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A new take on an old American classic. Happy 4th of July!

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released July 4, 2013

Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Sam Pirruccello.

1) Lyrics & Arrangement by Sam Pirruccello, chords/melody by some dead guy somewhere. Mastered by Carl Saff.

2) Song originally by Bruce Springsteen. Recorded in mono, "Mastered" by Sam Pirruccello.

Cover art by Tom Maloney.



all rights reserved


Fluorescent Pig Madison, Wisconsin

"Objectively the best band to ever come out of Madison WI was Fluorescent Pig, their sparkling pianos and screaming Flying V's spiraling poetically up into the heavens, ripping unsightly holes in the atmosphere and creating an opportunity for harmful solar rays to render all of Earth's inhabitants, well, burnt to a crisp" - Donald Trump ... more

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Track Name: Preach, Uncle Sam!
Build me a big home with a plush leather throne
Where the Packers and Patriots play
Where every night's feast is a pound of roast beef
And the lawn's always clipped to my taste.

Turn on the TV and we'll see what we see
I don't care if it's Weather or Grey's
Cause there's nothing to do but just lay here with you
And drink Bud til' the end of my days.

Preach, preach Uncle Sam!
Commercials define what I am!
If seldom are heard any challenging words
Then I'll never be lonely again.

Go fetch me a snack – baby, on the way back
Take the kid to pick out a new game
Between all of the new shiny toys in his room
And the meds, we can keep him in place.

I cannot fit this cup in my new pickup truck,
It's too big, I'll just toss it away.
In a pile of trash, found some Amazon cash
A new cup-holder is coming my way.


Now I'm starting to scoff cause they done cut me off
From the shrimp at the seafood buffet
The sign on the street stated “All you can eat”
Well, my lawyer will be on this case.

Martha don't cry, wipe the crumbs from your thigh
Go upstairs and go see what you weigh
You're not as pretty as the dames on TV
But you're mine, and I guess you're O.K.